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Product Name SPL7601 ( Huskie BP-70E battery )
Part Number Huskie BP-70E BP-70EI BP-70I BP-70MH BP-70R
Voltage 14.4V
Rate 2000mAh/3000mAh
Color black
Price Call us and get the price

14.4V Huskie compression tool / camping tool replacement battery supply by UNICELL in Singapore

UNICELL a Leading battery supplier in Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Philippines and Thailand since 1986 , we carry more the 66,000 model
Order code : SPL7601 (14.4V 2000mAh Hi-capacity ni-cd battery)
Order code : SPL7601-3A (14.4V 3000mAh Hi-capacity ni-mh battery)
Fit or replace battery part no. (Cross refer or compatible chart )
Huskie BP-70E battery ( 14.4V)
Huskie BP-70EI battery ( 14.4V)
Huskie BP-70I battery ( 14.4V)
Huskie BP-70MH battery ( 14.4V)
Huskie BP-70R battery ( 14.4V)
Huskie REC-5PDF
Fit or replace product model: (Cross refer or compatible chart )
Huskie REC-5PDF battery
Huskie REC-13W battery
Huskie REC-30YC3 battery
Huskie REC-Y33 battery
Huskie REC-50 battery
Huskie REC-50B battery
Huskie REC-54 battery
Huskie REC-54A battery
Huskie REC-54AC battery
Huskie REC-85CCP1 battery
Huskie REC-120 battery
Huskie REC-120A battery
Huskie REC-120AK battery
Huskie REC-150EMX battery
Huskie REC-200MX battery
Huskie REC-325CH battery
Huskie REC-365CH battery
Huskie REC-415B battery
Huskie REC-430Y battery
Huskie REC-485YC battery
Huskie REC-451F battery
Huskie REC-458U battery
Huskie REC-3410 battery
Huskie REC-3430 battery
Huskie REC-3510 battery
Huskie REC-3610 battery
Huskie REC-4431 battery
Huskie REC-4510 battery
Huskie REC-5431 battery
Huskie REC-85YC1 battery
Huskie REC-85CCP2 battery
Huskie REC-H130 battery
Huskie REC-P1 battery (need 2 pcs)
Huskie REC-S13 battery
Huskie REC-S420 battery
Huskie REC-S424 battery
Huskie REC-S440 battery
Huskie REC-S3550 battery
Huskie REC-UC6E battery
Huskie REC-UC6EFT battery
Huskie REC-Y33 battery
Huskie FL-3014 battery
Huskie SB-3UK battery
Huskie ECO-258 battery
Huskie ECO-630 battery
Unicell International is not affiliated in any way with any of the manufacturers listed in this catalogue and the batteries sold in this catalogue have not been sponsored or approved by any of such manufacturers. Any trademarks or model numbers listed in this catalogue are identified for compatibility or cross-reference purposes only
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