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    12v 24v 10A PWM solar controller

    12v 24v 10A PWM solar controller

    Solar charge controller 10A 12V 24V battery charger regulator solar cell street lamp charger regulator etc

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    12v 24v 10A PWM solar controller supply by UNICELL in Singapore

    UNICELL a leading IT product supplier in Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Philippines Brunei and Thailand since 1986, we carry more the 66,000 model

    Order code: SLP122410APWMA

    Solar charge controller 10A 12V 24V battery charger regulator solar cell street lamp charger regulator

    Integrated solar charger is perfect solution for those wanted to utilize solar panel energy. If you plan to keep your solar energy in battery, this is the right charger to use. Capable of charging Lead Acid battery up to maximum 10A and control load of maximum 10A too. This charge controller is engineered to be durable and high efficient.

    The charge controller continuously maintains the correct charge level on a 12V or 24V lead acid type backup battery, such as the 12V 7.2Ah battery pack, and ensure a seamless power transition to battery power when needed. The charge controller allows maximum solar array current to charge into the battery, and the on-board temperature sensor adjusts the charging rate based on ambient conditions.

    The control circuit uses a microcontroller with intelligent control system. Charging mode uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for high efficiency. Boost, recovery, and float charging are managed automatically along with the built temperature compensation to maximize battery life.

    The battery discharge rate is accurately controlled, and the over-discharge voltage is continuously modify by the battery discharging rate curve.

    Overload, external and internal short circuit, reverse polarity, PV panel reserve current, over charging and discharging protection are all built-in. In the event of short circuit or overload condition, the system will be protected and remain undamaged. Front panel LED indicators show status, and several different working modes may be set by user. It comes with English version of Getting Started Guide in the box.



    •Complete solar power charging solution designed to work with photovoltaic panels and 12 or 24V back up Lead Acid battery.

    •Compact size, easy to mount on wall or panel.

    •Charge controller maintains batteries in optimum condition.

    •Auto sensing for 12 or 24V systems.

    •Built-in battery test function.

    •Convenient screw terminals for wiring

    •for Solar/PV panel, battery and load

    •Built-in overload and short shirt protection

    •Automatic self-recovery after fault removal

    •LED system status indicators

    •Requires no adjustments

    •Settings are digitally retained in on board flash memory

    •User selectable on, off, priority, and time modes for load power.

    •Wide operating temperature range -35 degree C to +55 degree C.

    •Dimension: 133mm x 70mm x 35mm

    Unit Price: S$ 25.33 (without GST – only export)

    Unit Price: S$ 27.10 (include 7% GST – sales in Singapore)


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