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6V 36Ah sealed lead acid battery

6V 36Ah AGM deep cycle maintenance free battery

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6V 36Ah AGM deep cycle maintenance free battery supply by UNICELL in Singapore

UNICELL a Leading battery product supplier in Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Philippines Brunei and Thailand since 1986, we carry more the 66,000 model

Order code:   DLA6360F2 (6V 36Ah deep cycle battery)

Categories:     6V 36.0Ah maintenance free battery,

Description:     6V sealed lead acid rechargeable battery

Size in mm:     Length 162 mm x Width 88 mm x Height 164 mm (170 mm with terminal)

Weight:           5.5 Kg

Terminal:       F2

Application:   EV , back-up battery bank


Cells Per Unit: 3

Voltage Per Unit: 6 V

Fit or replace battery part no.: (Cross refer or compatible chart)

Battery Center BC-6360 battery

CGB CB 6360 battery

Firstpower LFP636 battery

Fullriver HGL42-6 battery

Idealpower ELHR-6V-36AH battery

Interstate SLA0993 battery

Lightguard LC-310 battery

Long WP42-6 battery (6V 42Ah)

Long Way 3FM36G battery

MK battery ES42-6 battery

Power Patrol SLA0993 battery

Powersonic PS-6360 F2 battery

Sentry PM6360 battery

SPS SG06420T2 battery

Unicell TLA6360 battery

Universal UB6420 battery

Battery Center BC-6360 battery


Fit or replace product model no.: (Cross refer or compatible chart)

Brooks Equipment BAT633 battery

Brooks Equipment BAT636 battery

Atlite 24-1006 battery

Atlite PS6360 battery

Carpenter Watchman 12MFL33 battery

Carpenter Watchman 6MFL33 battery

Carpenter Watchman 713513 battery

Carpenter Watchman SL4 battery

Chloride 1000010050 battery

Chloride 1000010076 battery

Chloride 1000010079 battery

Chloride 1000010090 battery

Chloride 10000150 battery

Chloride 100001A128 battery

Chloride 1355A79 battery

Chloride 200A74 battery

Chloride 500A79 battery

Chloride 500A90 battery

Chloride 500A900 battery

Chloride 500A94 battery

Chloride 72 battery

Chloride 900A72 battery

Chloride CMF75 battery

Chloride D2MF125 battery

Chloride ELU10500B200 battery

Chloride H400A90 battery

Chloride H400A94 battery

Chloride NMA7942 battery

Chloride NMA79Y2 battery

Chloride NMF751Q2 battery

Chloride TMF150 battery

Dual Lite 12-518 battery

Dual Lite 12-554 battery

Dual Lite 12-563 battery

Dual Lite 12-568 battery

Dual Lite 12-608 battery

Dual Lite 12-691 battery

Dual Lite 12-702 battery

Dual Lite 12-728 battery

Dual Lite ALCX36 battery

Dual Lite AS160BX battery

Dual Lite AS80BX battery

Dual Lite BRPX battery

Dual Lite EP1 battery

Dual Lite ML10 battery

Dual Lite ML12E battery

Dyna Ray 575 battery

Dyna Ray 70940S battery

Dyna Ray DR575 battery

Dyna Ray S18171 battery

Dyna Ray S18177 battery

Dyna Ray S18182 battery

Dyna Ray S18183 battery

ELS 40 battery

ELS 6VL30 battery

ELS 6VLC30 battery

ELS BLG battery

ELS BLM battery

ELS EDS6330 battery

ELS EDS6336 battery

Emergi-Lite 12LC150 battery

Emergi-Lite 12LCS175 battery

Emergi-Lite 12LSE1602 battery

Emergi-Lite 12M11 battery

Emergi-Lite 12M12 battery

Emergi-Lite 12M16 battery

Emergi-Lite 24LSE3200V battery

Emergi-Lite 24LSE3201 battery

Emergi-Lite 24M12 battery

Emergi-Lite 6M10 battery

Emergi-Lite 6M11 battery

Emergi-Lite 6M14 battery

Emergi-Lite KSM81 battery

Emergi-Lite LSM162 battery

Emergi-Lite LSM81 battery

Emergi-Lite M10 battery

Emergi-Lite M10006 battery

Emergi-Lite M13020 battery

Emergi-Lite M80 006 battery

Holophane 92829 battery

Holophane EH19 battery

Lightalarms 2FG2 battery

Lightalarms 2PQ2 battery

Lightalarms 2SGL3 battery

Lightalarms 2SL3 battery

Lightalarms 3232 battery

Lightalarms 3237 battery

Lightalarms 38N3 battery

Lightalarms 5E11AA battery

Lightalarms 5E15AD battery

Lightalarms 5E15AG battery

Lightalarms 5E15BD battery

Lightalarms 5E15BJ battery

Lightalarms 5E15BP battery

Lightalarms 5E15BT battery

Lightalarms 6394 battery

Lightalarms 7185 battery

Lightalarms 8400012 battery

Lightalarms 8600007 battery

Lightalarms 8600008 battery

Lightalarms 8600032 battery

Lightalarms 8700022 battery

Lightalarms CE11AA battery

Lightalarms CE11AD battery

Lightalarms CE15AG battery

Lightalarms CE15AM battery

Lightalarms CE15BD battery

Lightalarms CE15BJ battery

Lightalarms CE15BT battery

Lightalarms EDE20 battery

Lightalarms FG2 battery

Lightalarms GSA battery

Lightalarms GSA3232 battery

Lightalarms GSA3237 battery

Lightalarms GSA6394 battery

Lightalarms GSA7185 battery

Lightalarms P12Q2 battery

Lightalarms PQ1.5 battery

Lightalarms PQ2 battery

Lightalarms S12E4 battery

Lightalarms S12L3 battery

Lightalarms SGL3 battery

Lightalarms SGL4 battery

Lightalarms SL12L4 battery

Lightalarms SL3 battery

Lightalarms SL4 battery

Lithonia 68266 battery

Sentry Lite PM6360 battery

Sure-Lites Sure-Lites 1400

Sure-Lites Sure-Lites 1700

Sure-Lites Sure-Lites 2000

Sure-Lites Sure-Lites 2604

Sure-Lites Sure-Lites 2618

Sure-Lites Sure-Lites 3000

Sure-Lites Sure-Lites SL2604

Sure-Lites Sure-Lites SL2618

Sure-Lites UMB3 battery

Technacell EP6300 battery

Technacell EP630034 battery

Technacell EP6330 battery

Technacell EP633034 battery

Technacell EP6360 battery

Technacell EP636034 battery

Technacell TC636034 battery

Teledyne Big Beam 2BR6S36

Teledyne Big Beam 2CL6S36

Teledyne Big Beam 2IL12S36

Teledyne Big Beam 2IL6S36

Teledyne Big Beam 2IL6S50

Teledyne Big Beam 2IQ12S36

Teledyne Big Beam 2IQ6S36

Teledyne Big Beam 2IQ6S50

Teledyne Big Beam 2LT6S50

Teledyne Big Beam 2M6L100

Teledyne Big Beam 2RQ6S36

Teledyne Big Beam 2SC6S36

Teledyne Big Beam 2SE6S36

Teledyne Big Beam 2SE6S50

Teledyne Big Beam 2SE6S72DO

Teledyne Big Beam 2TC12S36

Teledyne Big Beam 2TC12S50

Teledyne Big Beam 2TC12S72

Teledyne Big Beam 2TC12S72DO

Teledyne Big Beam 2TC6S100

Teledyne Big Beam 2TC6S100DO

Teledyne Big Beam 2TC6S50

Teledyne Big Beam 2TC6S72

Teledyne Big Beam 2TC6S72DO

Teledyne Big Beam B25

Teledyne Big Beam B26

Teledyne Big Beam DG630

Teledyne Big Beam H2PHE6S50

Teledyne Big Beam H2SE12S36

Teledyne Big Beam HRSC6G26

Teledyne Big Beam HSC6G26

Teledyne Big Beam RSC6G26

Teledyne Big Beam S626

Teledyne Big Beam S630

Teledyne Big Beam S636

Teledyne Big Beam S650

Teledyne Big Beam SC6G26

York-Wide Light H4E3

York-Wide Light Q27N102

York-Wide Light V4E30

York-Wide Light ZC3

Access SLA6360

Douglas DG12-28NB battery

Douglas DG6-36 battery

Douglas DG6-36F2 battery

Douglas DG6-36NB battery

Dyna Cell WP336 battery

Eagle Picher CF-6V30 battery

Eagle Picher CF-6V30L battery

Eagle Picher CFM6V33 battery

Elsar 16276 battery

Elsar 426 battery

Kung Long WP42-6 battery

Mule 6GC100Q battery

Mule GC6330 battery

National Power AS090A1 battery

National Power GS100S1 battery

North Supply 782221 battery

Power Battery PRC636 battery

PowerSonic PS-6360F battery

PowerSonic PS-6360F2 battery

PowerSonic PS-C636 battery

PowerStar GB6330 battery

Sonnenschein 66225 battery

Sonnenschein 68266 battery

Sonnenschein B200 battery

Sonnenschein EL6 battery

Sonnenschein FSS battery

Sonnenschein LD15 battery

Sonnenschein LG1 battery

Sonnenschein M battery

Standby GM100 battery

Standby GM200 battery

Teal 118-0026 battery

Teal B26 battery

Teal S630 battery

Unipower 90322 battery


Unicell International is not affiliated in any way with any of the manufacturers listed in this catalogue and the batteries sold in this catalogue have not been sponsored or approved by any of such manufacturers. Any trademarks or model numbers listed in this catalogue are identified for compatibility or cross-reference purposes only

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