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Tamiya R/C 7.2V NI-MH battery

Tamiya R/C 7.2V NI-MH battery

7.2v 3800mAh NiMH rechargeable battery packs For RC cars, electric Rc monster trucks, Traxxas, LOSI, Associated, HPI, Tamiya, Kyosho With Tamiya Connectors

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7.2V 3300mAh R/C car battery pack with Tamiya connector supply by UNICELL in Singapore

UNICELL a Leading Supplier for cordless drill battery In Singapore Malaysia Indonesia and southeast Asia since 1986
Order code : MHP7.2V/3800mAh (7.2V 3800mAh) ni-mh battery
Order code : MHP7.2V/3300mAh (7.2V 3300mAh) ni-mh battery
Order code : SHP7.2V/1800mAh (7.2V 1800mAh) ni-cd nickel cadmium battery
Order code : SHP7.2V/1400mAh (7.2V 1400mAh) ni-cd nickel cadmium battery
6 x sub C cell weld together on layout 3x2 roll with tamiya connector , the battery can discharge up to 20C
Fit or replace battery part no. (Cross refer or compatible chart )
Tamiya 55085 ni-cd battery (7.2v 1300mAh)
Tamiya 55086 ni-cd battery (7.2v 1600mAh)
Tamiya 55094 ni-mh battery (7.2v 3700mAh)
Tamiya 55095 ni-cd battery (7.2V 1600mAh)
Tamiya 55088 NI-MH battery (7.2V 3600mAh)
Fit or replace product model: (Cross refer or compatible chart )
7.2V toy car battery
7.2V tamiya radio remate control car battery
7.2V Hobby power pack
Traxxas Rustler 7.2V battery
Traxxas 4-tec 7.2V battery
Traxxas bandit 7.2V battery
Traxxas spirt 7.2V battery
Traxxas street sport 7.2V battery
Traxxas SRT 7.2V battery
Associated RC10 B4 7.2V battery
Associated RC10 T4 7.2V battery
Associated TC4 7.2V battery
Associated RC10 L40 7.2V battery
Associated RC12 L30 7.2V battery
Losi XXX BK2 7.2V battery
Losi XXX-4 GT 7.2V battery
Losi XXX-T MF2 7.2V battery
Losi JRXS 7.2V battery
Losi XXX-S 7.2V battery
Yokomo MR-4TC 7.2V battery
Yokomo D1 7.2V battery
Yokomo FC3S 7.2V battery
Yokomo FD3S 7.2V battery
Yokomo FR34 7.2V battery
Yokomo AE86 7.2V battery
Yokomo S15 7.2V battery
Yokomo YRX-12 7.2V battery
Duratrax Eveder BX 7.2V battery
Duratrax Eveder TX 7.2V battery
HPI Pro 4 7.2V battery
HPI Sprin 7.2V battery
XRAY T1FK05 7.2V battery
Tamiya TLT-1 7.2V battery
Tamiya RC1400SP battery
UBC-40 battery charger for:
Tamiya 7.2V battery pack charger
XRAY T1FK05 7.2V battery charger
Tamiya TLT-1 7.2V battery charger
Unicell International is not affiliated in any way with any of the manufacturers listed in this catalogue and the batteries sold in this catalogue have not been sponsored or approved by any of such manufacturers. Any trademarks or model numbers listed in this catalogue are identified for compatibility or cross-reference purposes only

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